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Salads And Dressings

Salads And Dressings
Heather Nicholds

Welcome! This is your first module, and we’re going to figure out how to take salads from being thought of as the boring realm of health nuts to an amazingly delicious, nourishing and satisfying meal. Take a read through the class notes first, and keep your cheat sheet handy as you go through each of the recipes.

Class Notes

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Cheat Sheet

Tutorial Video: How to Make Dressings

Once you have the base, you can vary the exact ingredients you use for each component will give you totally different dressings.

Tutorial Video

Recipes & Class Videos

Class 1: Black Bean Salad With Lime-Sunflower Dressing

We’re going to make the most flavorful bean salad you’ve ever had, and my favorite dressing based on nut butter – it’s rich, creamy and coats your veggies with deliciousness!

Grocery List & Class Prep Notes
Class Video & Recipe

Class 2: Lettuce Wraps With Spicy Black Bean Dressing

Lettuce wraps are a great alternative to tortillas or wheat wraps, and make salad feel more fun. These are filled with delicious ingredients and a thick and spicy black bean dressing.

Grocery List & Class Prep Notes
Class Video & Recipe

Class 3: Quinoa Salad With Avocado-Dill Dressing

This is one of the most satisfying salads and dressings I know of. The cooked quinoa is so hearty but light, and the avocado dressing so creamy and flavorful…

Grocery List & Class Prep Notes
Class Video & Recipe


I’m going to keep it simple for your first assignment. We’ve made 3 different salads with 3 different dressings. What I want you to try is making one of these salads with a tweak this time – just change one thing about the salad. Whether it’s swapping a vegetable for another, a vegetable for a fruit, the flavor in the dressing, combining one of the salads with one of the other dressings – it’s up to you!

Then submit your creations to the Facebook group! You can also submit any of the salads you made this month – I’d love to see what you’re up to!