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Pizza And Vegetables

Pizza And Vegetables
Heather Nicholds

It’s pizza time!!! I’m taking this module as an opportunity to talk about vegetables, because pizza is one of my favorite ways to incorporate a whole pile of veggies into fun meal.

Class Notes

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Tutorial Video: Vegetable Cooking Methods

This will show you how to cook vegetables, outlining all the main cooking methods and how they work. If you ever wondered about the difference between steaming and boiling, take a watch.

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Recipes & Class Videos

Class 1: Mediterranean Hummus Pizza

Branching off from a typical pizza, beans dips make a perfect pizza base! They add protein to the meal, and are amazingly flavorful if you’ve made a fantastic dip yourself. We’ll go over how to top your pizza and include things that give that salty-savory tang we love in pizza.

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Class Video & Recipe

Class 2: Pesto Pizza

Just a warning before we make a pesto-based pizza: you may get addicted. We’re going to go over techniques to make sure your vegetables cook perfectly on top of your pizza, and stay moist and juicy without the dense cover of cheese.

Grocery List & Class Prep Notes
Class Video & Recipe

Class 3: Marinara Pizza

Marinara is the classic pizza, and if you have it in Italy it actually comes without cheese! You can use your amazing skills at making homemade tomato sauce from the last module to work, and add some toppings to make an irresistible pizza.

Grocery List & Class Prep Notes
Class Video & Recipe


Pizza allows a lot of room for creativity, and I want to see your best inventions this month! Think of your favorite pizza toppings – do you like Hawaiian? BBQ? Take that idea and make it in a healthy way using seasonings and creative toppings to create the same flavors. You could season eggplant like bacon, use grilled tempeh, whatever you want!

Then snap a shot and submit it to the Facebook group! You can also submit any of the pizzas you made this month – I’d love to see what you’re up to!