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January Jump Start

Join me for a nutritionally-balanced program, designed to maximize nutrition without getting overwhelmed.

We’ll ease into the month with one delicious recipe per day, then ramp up to a full daily meal plan, and a cleanse to naturally detox.

Here’s the plan:

Vegan Starter Week (Jan 1-5)

Let’s ease into things with one recipe per day, and one quick nutrition tutorial. From everyday superhero foods, how to build a balanced vegan plate, and dealing with cravings we’ll get the basics sorted so you can feel confident going into the next 4 weeks.

Transition Meal Plan Week (Jan 6-12)

Now let’s get your jump started onto your new track (or get back on track) with balanced plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, for a full week of complete nutrition.

Vegan Nutrition Week (Jan 13-19)

Let’s go more in depth on specific nutrients, like protein, calcium, and iron. We’ll ease back to one recipe per day, so you can focus on learning and maybe going back for seconds on some of your favorite meals so far.

Cleanse Week (Jan 20-26)

Antioxidant-rich and low fat, lots of fruit and veggies: great for people looking to cleanse their liver or colon, boost their cardiovascular or immune system, clear their skin, or reduce inflammation.

Real Life Week (Jan 27-31)

Now that you’re a vegan superstar, let’s make it easier to keep up with this lifestyle in the long term, in your day to day world. From cooking for one to cooking for a mixed household, having a fun food night and sharing a meal with a friend.

Plus check out:

Nutrition Tutorials

Learn how to get balanced vegan nutrition with audio sessions and cheat sheets, which you can download to listen on your commute or post on your fridge.


Vegan cooking tutorials, how to get prepared for the meal plan and cleanse, go grocery shopping, tips for things like minimizing gas, and stay motivated in the long term.

Members’ Forum

Ask questions and get support from people like you – which can be tough if you’re the only person in your family or town who’s doing what you’re doing.